Write for us

  • Can you write a clear, concise article for The Holographer?
  • Do you have an opinion to express?
  • Have you seen a trade exhibition that might be of interest to holographers?
  • Or can you explain a complex recording geometry in simple terms?

If you can contribute to any of the categories, then please contact Kaveh Bazargan with your intention.

We can discuss the best way that it can be written to benefit our readers.

Please note the following rules for writing in The Holographer:

  • Be concise – Use the minimum amount of words necessary to convey the ideas. You will spend less time writing, and your readers will save time too!
  • Be precise, but informal – imagine you are explaining the concept to your best friend, or your aunt or uncle.
  • Avoid the obligatory pomposity and ‘passive voice’ expected in some academic journals.
  • Avoid any kind of mathematics unless absolutely essential. Auntie wouldn’t like it, and nor do most people. If you understand your subject you should be able to explain it in plain English

I welcome any discussion before you write your piece, simply so we can agree on the contents and style.