Vladimir Markov

Like many others from the holographic community I had my moments with Steve, spread in both the spatial and temporal domain as, most of the time, we met during conferences in different countries. All of them I remember well.

We first met in 1976 at the Conference on Holography in Ulyanovsk (Russia) were Steve reported on rainbow holography. Although most of my Soviet colleagues were the adherents of Denisyuk reflection holography, Steve’s impressive results prompted several groups in Russia to change their mind and move into the rainbow world. It was interesting though to see Steve’s reaction to the high-quality “Russian” holograms shown in a small exhibition at this conference. Later on when we met in Kiev, at the SPIE meeting for Holography in 1989, he confessed how much he was impressed. It was during that Kiev meeting I discovered something I didn’t know about Steve before – his profound knowledge of, and interest in, art and culture, especially ancient. During a museum tour the ‘tortured’ guide had to spend twice as much time responding to Steve’s questions and comments on the unique artefacts from the museum collection.”

Vice President; Director of Applied Optics Group
MetroLaser, Inc

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