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Another classic tutorial on holography feature Dr Jeong!

Holography – How it works, types of holograms, and the hologram for artistic and scientific purposes. The advanced photography of the new millenium that gives us 3D movies. It involves the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and illumination of the recording. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes, thus making the image appear three-dimensional.

This film made available for non-commercial research & educational purposes.

Courtesy:  The Academic Film Archive of North America

Recording a hologram in a wet emulsion

The Holographer logoKaveh Bazargan

This is a short tutorial about why a transmission hologram recorded in a wet emulsion might not be viewable when dry. It is a response to a question by Justin W on the Holography Forum.

White light transmission holography

Kaveh BazarganKaveh Bazargan

About the author
Kaveh’s interest began with seeing the Royal Academy of Arts exhibition of holograms in London in 1976. He was studying physics at Imperial College London, and continued to complete a PhD in ‘display holography’. His passion remains the quest to achieve ultimate realism with holography.

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