Tung H. Jeong

It’s November, again. It’s a time that I recall flying to Boston with my wife to attend the Benton Vision at MIT last year and was shocked to hear in our motel of his passing a day before the tribute. The tribute was overwhelmingly well attended, but I know many more would have come had they be able to.

Now is time to remember Steve, it’s a time when many deadlines for the next Practical Holography conference are passing. A time when we would have collaborated on the conference and dealt with the many decision that have to be made. Time I had enjoyed with him by email and on the telephone.

I’ve known Steve since the day he presented his seminal paper on what was later called “rainbow” holography. He had never missed a single conference held in Lake Forest and was an enthusiastic supporter on the short practical holography courses taught before each conference.

I truly miss Steve, more than ever, both as a friend and a colleague.

Professor Emeritus, Lake Forest College

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