The International Holography Fund (IHF) closes

ihf_logoThe International Holography Fund (IHF), the only organisation set up to specifically fund creative holography world–wide, has closed,  due to the immediate loss of its own funding.

Founded in 2007, and based on the successful Shearwater Foundation, the IHF supported around 15 international projects which received grants totalling almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Andrew Pepper, who has been directing the project since its inception, commented: “We were able to support some remarkable projects. Several of them will come to fruition this year so, although we are no longer able to offer grants, our legacy will have a positive impact on the holography community for many months to come. Funding is always important, particularly for the creative holography field, which often has difficulty tapping into more ‘traditional’ sources. The IHF eased some of those difficulties. It has been a privilege to have been part of this remarkable fund and to have assisted so many project over the past two years.”

The IHF website will remain operational, for the foreseeable future, as an archive for its grant–giving activities and, hopefully, as inspiration for other organisations who may, one day, step into its shoes and fund future creative holography projects.


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