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Applications for Cycle VIIII are now open

holocenterClosing date: March 15, 2009
The Artist in Residence program is at the heart of the Center’s activities. It provides artists with crucial access to a wide array of equipment, including a pulse ruby laser, as well as guidance and support from the Center’s staff of professional holographers. More…

Jerry Pethick* (1935–2003)

Artist, holographer, and inventor of the sand table as a way to make holograms.

deem-photoRebecca Deem

About the author
Rebecca first saw holograms at an art gallery in 1970 while completing an Art supervision degree. In 1988, she received the Shearwater Foundation Art Holography Award. In 1995 with partner Fred Unterseher, she co-founded Zone Holografix Studios, an art and teaching studio with a pulse laser lab. She continues to exhibit artwork, teach and write for electronic and print publications.

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Some uses for everyday items in holography

John Pecora

About the author
John Pecora is a computer specialist and a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer. He made his first holograms using a sandbox holography kit in 1980. He has worked for holographic companies making photoresist holograms for embossing. He is now an amateur holographer fabricating his own DCG emulsions. He has always liked reverse engineering, and enjoys taking an idea from concept to final product.

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