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Another classic tutorial on holography feature Dr Jeong!

Holography – How it works, types of holograms, and the hologram for artistic and scientific purposes. The advanced photography of the new millenium that gives us 3D movies. It involves the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and illumination of the recording. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes, thus making the image appear three-dimensional.

This film made available for non-commercial research & educational purposes.

Courtesy:  The Academic Film Archive of North America www.AFANA.org.

Free talks on holography

Free talks on holography Beginning June 13th, each Saturday at 4 pm there will be a gallery talk about Holography at the Play of Light Gallery in Catskill, NY. The list of scheduled talks are as below: More »

A new panchromatic silver halide emulsion for recording color holograms

Manuel UlibarreñaManuel Ulibarreña

About the author
Manuel received his PhD from the Universidad Miguel Hernandez in Elche, Spain, in 2003. For his project he studied the characteristics of the ultrafine BB640 emulsion in relation to holography. He is currently associate professor of non-destructive testing in the same university. He has been involved in holographic research since 1985, and his current area of interest remains silver halide holographic recording materials.

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Smart holograms

blyth-photo1Jeff Blyth

About the author
After graduating in 1973 in Applied Chemistry he worked in a company with dichromated gelatin, unrelated to holography. In ’77, he was amazed to see a holographic pendant made using the very material he was researching. His life ‘changed for ever’. He subsequently worked on photopolymer materials for Ilford, which became the subject for an MPhil at Wolverhampton Polytechnic. Since ’91 he has been involved in ‘blue sky’ research at the Institute of Biotechnology in Cambridge, UK. Jeff is the recipient of the Royal Photographic Society’s Saxby award for 2003

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HoloGraphics: combining holograms with interactive computer graphics

bimber-photoOliver Bimber

About the author
Oliver Bimber is a Junior Professor for Augmented Reality at the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University of Darmstadt. Contact him at bimber@ieee.org. More information is available at http://www.HoloGraphics.de

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