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The development of direct-write digital holography* – Part 2

Following just a few simple rules anyone can shoot a parallax sequence on film or video that can be directly converted into a hologram image. The first consideration is that the motion must be going in the correct direction in order to yield positive stereoscopic parallax in the hologram. The reason for this is very simple: one’s left eye must be presented with the left image and the right eye must see an image in the sequence that is to the right of the first image.

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The development of direct-write digital holography* – Part 1

pizzanelli-photoDavid Pizzanelli

About the author
David is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Light Impressions International Ltd. He has been actively involved in the hologram industry since 1979, as Holographer and Director at Hollusions Ltd Cambridge and at SEE 3 Holograms Ltd London. In 1994 he was awarded a PhD in Holography at the Royal Collage of Art, London. David has served on the Board of the IHMA and as Chairman of the IHMA, and is an acknowledged expert on the subject of security holograms.

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