Steven L Smith

It had been two long days of presentations on Holographic Techniques and Materials and even longer nights when I first met Steve at the Lake Forest holography symposium in 1982 he bounded onto the small stage in the lecture hall next to TJ’s optics and Holography labs and in his deep voice took everyone’s attention away from the new person they were sitting next to and brought them thru the process of computing a rainbow hologram from the top down. I mean I was blown away, and thought “hey I could do this”. You could see that everyone in the room had the same feeling after he finished. He really had a way to bring the technology thru to whatever level of audience he was engaging with.

My favorite memory of Steve was the following conference when I gave a paper on the multi-camera capture system in his session. After what I thought was a shaky presentation, I was terrified of the questions that may come my way and of course Steve was not going to let me off the hook easy as he inquired about issues of image magnification at the extreme camera positions, then smiled at me and said to the group, “well I am glad that someone just went out and did this”.

I will always cherish my times of working with Steve, the years at the Media lab collaborating with the fantastic team of students that Steve would always pull together has given me quite a standard with which to measure the ongoing years of my work. I mean that is the point, just go out and do it…

IN3D, Director Stereoscopic Products

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