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Bill Molteni

Steve’s determined, focused loyalty to holography, and 3D in general has been a great inspiration as well as a career for me, and I’m sure many others. His passing leaves a massive 3D hole in my universe. More »

John Perry

I was most fond of Steve’s poetic, if sometimes irreverent way with words. My library of Stevisms is undoubtedly smaller than many, but here are a few I remember. More »

Margaret Benyon

To me, Steve was an inspirational scientist, larger than life, but he was also a real, dear friend who had welcomed me into his family life and home. The memories that come flooding back on the anniversary of his death are personal, painful, precious, and not to be shared with the world at large, More »

Ray Kostuk

I first met Steve in 1986 at the OSA topical meeting on holography in Hawaii. I was in the process of finishing my graduate degree and remember being a bit nervous about my presentation. More »

Andy Pepper

Steve came to visit us in Nottingham on one of his numerous trips to the UK. We played tourist, drank beer in the oldest pub in the world, looked at art (Henry Moore at Nottingham Castle), explored cafĂ©s and spent an afternoon chatting about a great deal, and very little about holography. More »

Kaveh Bazargan

I first met Steve Benton in 1979, on my first trip to the US. Steve was one of the ‘gods’ of holography, and I went to pay homage at the Polaroid labs. I was a student, and quite nervous about meeting him. More »

Graham Saxby

One thing Steve and I shared was a fondness for English bitter ale. On one occasion when we were both in Bath and met at the RPS headquarters, we spent a long and happy afternoon in the nearby Moon and Sixpence engaged in a lengthy discussion, More »

Jonathan Ross

I first met Steve Benton in 1978, shortly after becoming involved with holography. I was on a photoshoot for Multiplex-style holograms and had been persuaded that it would make an amusing image if I shaved off half my beard More »

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