Rania Khalaf

It was not until today – October 23 2005 – that I found out that Stephen had passed on. I had just met a Phillipino scientist who worked in holography, Percival Almoro, in the laundry room at the University of Stuttgart. More »

Jon Dark

I had known Steve from the mid 70’s, always chatting at SPIE meetings and such. Here and there throughout the years we’d bump into each other also. Every Xmas we exchanged best wishes. More »

Steve Benton Memorial

steve-bentonOn November 9th 2003, we lost one of the most prominent and popular figures in display holography, Dr Stephen Benton. Many obituaries and articles about him have been published in mainstream media. This page is the Holographer’s dedication to him. We are inviting everyone who knew Steve to contribute by sharing their most vivid or cherished memory of him. Rather than long passages, we would prefer short, succint contributions, limited to one or two paragraphs. More »

Tung H. Jeong

It’s November, again. It’s a time that I recall flying to Boston with my wife to attend the Benton Vision at MIT last year and was shocked to hear in our motel of his passing a day before the tribute. The tribute was overwhelmingly well attended, but I know many more would have come had they be able to. More »

Vladimir Markov

Like many others from the holographic community I had my moments with Steve, spread in both the spatial and temporal domain as, most of the time, we met during conferences in different countries. All of them I remember well. More »

Ana Maria Nicholson

Many of my memories of Steve are of his visits with Jeannie and the children when Peter and I were living in Long Island and Hawaii. Their children and ours were of an age, give or take a couple of years, so the visits became family affairs with picnics and games and of course, much talk about holography. More »

Melissa Crenshaw

I met Steve at the first International Conference on Holography at Lake Forest in 1982. This was a very intimidating week for me and I remember several hundred times thinking there was no way I would be able to understand this difficult medium. By the end of that week, I realized what was unfolding was a community of like minded, supportive individuals headed up by wonderful people like Benton. More »

Bill Molteni

Steve’s determined, focused loyalty to holography, and 3D in general has been a great inspiration as well as a career for me, and I’m sure many others. His passing leaves a massive 3D hole in my universe. More »

John Perry

I was most fond of Steve’s poetic, if sometimes irreverent way with words. My library of Stevisms is undoubtedly smaller than many, but here are a few I remember. More »

Margaret Benyon

To me, Steve was an inspirational scientist, larger than life, but he was also a real, dear friend who had welcomed me into his family life and home. The memories that come flooding back on the anniversary of his death are personal, painful, precious, and not to be shared with the world at large, More »

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