Margaret Benyon

To me, Steve was an inspirational scientist, larger than life, but he was also a real, dear friend who had welcomed me into his family life and home. The memories that come flooding back on the anniversary of his death are personal, painful, precious, and not to be shared with the world at large, but there is a “Eureka moment” from almost a quarter of a century ago that I would like to share.

It happened when we were having a meal – Steve, Jeannie and myself. It was dark, and there were some elegant Boston globe lights just outside the window of the restaurant. My working session at Polaroid had come to an end, and we were talking about our collaborative project (Black Rainbow, White Rainbow), when his face lit up like a little boy and he said something like: “we could make more of these”. Jeannie leant towards him with such a look of tenderness on her face and I was moved too. It dawned on me then that he actively enjoyed the process of making art, and found it exciting. It could be one of the reasons why he was so generous and helpful towards artists, that he could be an artist himself (although he’d probably hate me for saying this!).


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