Live broadcast of ISDH in China

isdh_2009I promised to try and record and if possible to broadcast the conference from China. This is just to say I am here and set up and ready to go, but am not yet authorized, as there is another professional group of videographers and they have priority. As soon as the organizers allow me, I will start live broadcast of this conference to the world. Thanks for your understanding.

Kaveh Bazargan, The Holographer

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  • I regret that I was not able to be there. Well I am standing by for a feed from you. I was very curious to see the web ability of that location and anticipating great results. I remember sitting and watching in tears the beautiful memorial for Steve Benton that was being transimitted live from Boston . That was the first time I experienced the emotional depths that the web can weave and deliver by connecting colleagues. We have amazingly powerful technology for bringing together hearts and minds and spurring our natural sense of discovery and innovation.

    Kaveh, I can not fully express my appreciation for what you have done in the past and are now attempting to do. Very few people understand the types of hardships that have been encountered by artists and scientists in the process of gathering and sharing information openly. I am sure Dr Jeong , Frank and all that are working behind the scenes will do what they can and help you get the feed going . I am stream capturing now the 1st of 4 videos that the .cn ISDH site is providing. It appears to be 25 mins long and consists of introductions. Actually there are 5 links to video there . Oddly, when I clicked on the link with the intriquing title “Pirates of Silicon Valley” a box comes up and says I am not allowed to view this in my region ! That’s hilareous and sickening at the same time. What region are they refering to Miami? The western hemisphere ? I will have to inquire as the topic sounds interesting.

    If a professional competant job is done by the organizers to make all on stage available to the world , and you are given a reliable pipeline, perhaps you might use your rig to transimit the reflections and observations of international and local participants who would like to participatere and give a shout out to their colleagues.

    Have a great conference,and good luck I will be tuning in several times a day to try to see what is happening and hear how it is coming along.

  • UPDATE: I think that we have had a language and cultural misunderstanding. I’ll keep you posted and any major change, I’ll send out a maishot.

  • The organizers have done a great job of recording the conference. The first uploaded videos are here:

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