Jon Dark

I had known Steve from the mid 70’s, always chatting at SPIE meetings and such. Here and there throughout the years we’d bump into each other also. Every Xmas we exchanged best wishes. One year I remember particularly, I think it was Xmas 1999, when I revealed to him that as a child I had established a dream to be a Professor at MIT, but proprietary science and engineering development had spirited me away from the academic, and so over the years, I had envied him. He returned a letter to say that ever since he was a child, he had wanted to work on ultra exciting proprietary science and engineering projects, as a contract engineer, and so over the years, he had envied me!

I think that shared ‹grin›, across thousands of miles, was the most exceptional moment of my career. I miss the guy…

Former Chief Engineer at Holovision
Head of Cybernetics at McDonnell Douglas

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