John Perry

I was most fond of Steve’s poetic, if sometimes irreverent way with words. My library of Stevisms is undoubtedly smaller than many, but here are a few I remember.

20 years ago, as I was coaxing meter square holograms from a laser with no etalon, he shook his head and predicted “someday you’ll take the argon plunge.”

You could practically feel the wind when Steve burst into the SPIE exhibition corridor 10 years ago, fresh from the airport. His opening remark – “Looks like we’re all here. Hide the women and children!”

A few years before that, he and I were aggravating over a particularly bad decision we had somehow conspired to make. His conclusion, with a chuckle – “We all wear fool’s shoes now and then.” I’ll admit, I felt much better.

President, Holographics North, Inc

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