ISDH 2009 multimedia recordings

ISDH 2009Here are our multimedia recordings of the International Symposium on Display Holography (ISDH 2009), held in Shenzhen, China.

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  • Pheonomenal. God bless you . Now these can be heard as an uninterupted stream. Try as I might inspite of a huge pipe in and out of this building , the servage from the .cn site was abyssmal.Perhaps there are too many filters between here and there as the ISDH website seemed to link to the Chinese equivalent of You Tube, a site know for cracked copyrighted Hollywood movies, ironic, in the town of greatest anti-counterfiring hologram production.

    So thank you very much! I can now hear everythingas a contiguous monologue, until now the pause every 20 second stutter made it seem like the speakers thoughts were meandering.

    And even greater, has parsed the talks into individual papers which I could not understand on the .cn site , they are merely chronological chuncks with no indication of what you are about to see.

    This is an extrordinary learning and sharing tool which I am certain was the result of overcoming extrordinary obstacles, technical and otherwise.

    As an artist holographer who was awarded an IHF grant and yet unable to attend, this is indeed a great service. Keep it up ! Bravo!

  • Thank you for your comments Mark. It is a priviledge to be among great scientists and artists, and having been out of holography for a while these recordings are my small contribution to the community.

    The video recording team at the conference did an amazing job of uploading all videos within a few hours, but are hampered by the internet restrictions in China. streams blindingly fast in China, but alas, not outside. Conversely, YouTube, FaceBook, etc are completely unreachable from within China. I guess the “Great Firewall of China” has something to do with it.

  • thank you Kaveh for such a fine result. You are providing an invaluable effort in archiving and making available the range of content that you have put forth so far..
    Thank you

  • Great job at getting the messages out

  • Thank you Kaveh for your great work.It’s more clear for everybody to enjoy.
    Best Regards

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