Ana Maria Nicholson

Many of my memories of Steve are of his visits with Jeannie and the children when Peter and I were living in Long Island and Hawaii. Their children and ours were of an age, give or take a couple of years, so the visits became family affairs with picnics and games and of course, much talk about holography. I remember specially their week-long visit to our home in Hawaii where we had settled when we brought the Center for Experimental Holography to the University of Hawaii. We had a house by the beach, and the children could run free and the grownups could relax, drink wine and enjoy the tropical breezes. At that time there were some young holographers on the Island and the prospect of the great Steve Benton coming was of much interest. So we had a party for everyone involved in holography to meet him. Many came clutching precious, rather dim, 4×5 holograms and I will never forget Steve’s care and patience. He carefully looked at everyone’s work, gave encouragement and advice and listened with much sympathy to their dreams about holography.

Director, Center for the Holographic Arts, NY

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