Melissa Crenshaw

I met Steve at the first International Conference on Holography at Lake Forest in 1982. This was a very intimidating week for me and I remember several hundred times thinking there was no way I would be able to understand this difficult medium. By the end of that week, I realized what was unfolding was a community of like minded, supportive individuals headed up by wonderful people like Benton. He was a real “good guy” the sort of guy who would sit on the lawn and have a beer with a bunch of Holo hopefuls, treating all of us equally and as if we were all PhD candidates from MIT!

My best moment to remember was running into Benton at an early SPIE conference. He looked at me and with a grin and serious tone of voice said “ah, you’re a Lifer, I can tell already”. I burst out laughing but 20 years later, I guess he was right. The colorful Benton Vision Poster from the MIT event of a year ago greets visitors to the Research facility where I work. When visitors ask about it, I get to tell them about this remarkable man. He is and will continue to be greatly missed.

Research Holographer; Ledalite Research Facility Manager
Ledalite Architectural Products

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